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Classic Clay - kopie


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2019 Blatná - Soccer field with UMT

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Classic Clay - kopie

Classic Clay is classified by ITF in the category 1

Artificial tennis surface Classic Clay was newly classified by ITF in the category 1 as slow surface. The test proved that characteristics of the surface Classic Clay approach the characteristics of clay surface.
Surface for indoor (e.g. overpressure halls) and outdoor (e.g.. tennis complexes) activities, that may be used practically under any weather conditions.

What is it Classic Clay? Australian artificial tennis surface that is very similar and that has similar characteristics for the game as clay. The ball take off is very similar and the surface allows the players the same slipping as in case of playing on classic clay.


Material – fibrillated polypropylene highly resistant to weather and UV radiation influences, total height of the mat – 15 mm including filling, colour - brick red, filling – colour silica sand with oval grains, lining – inserted white lines


Level values +- 4 mm per 2 m. Asphalt carpet or smoothened concrete area (Gradient setting 0,5 - 1 % from one side of the playground to the other side. Surface water de-watering to a spout or a channel with grid. It is possible to use drainage asphalt carpet Gradient setting 0%.


Artificial surface Classic Clay is freely distributed on prepared sub-base, it is supplied in rolls made to measure, directly from the production plant. These parts are applied one next to the other and the connection is sub-glued. Then, cutting of playing lines follows. Finally, the whole area is topped with colour silica sand, that must be put - using a brush - approximately to 90% of the artificial fibre height (ca.20kg/ m2).

Floor characteristics

The resulting surface is slightly elastic, resistant to weather influences, water permeable, easy to be maintained. Spring maintenance – as in case of classic clay courts – is not necessary. No spraying or lining needed. Colour design: brick red (identical with clay). Lines: white (increased in approximately 1/5 of total height).

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